Saturday, January 5, 2008


I literally Stumbled Upon this site tonight, and I'm having so much fun playing with it. It's called Musicovery - which I'm taking to be a cross between Music and Discovery.

It took me a little while to figure out how it worked once I registered for a Free account. Once I figured it out, I started loving it. First, you can choose the Genre(s) of music you want to listen to. You can also choose a decade or move the sliders to select a period of time, and choose to hear Hits, Non Hits, or Discovery - or all three. Then decide what type of mood you'd like - Energetic or Calm, Dark or Positive. A web of matching songs appears, color coded by genre. My songs are all in the pink/purple range because I chose Jazz, Blues, and R & B.

Once the songs load, one will start playing. Like it? Listen, add it to your favorites, or if you don't like that one, click on another one. It will move to the center and start playing. You can also ban songs that you don't like and don't want to hear again.

I think the idea is that, when you find a song you like, there will be another one, or more, linked to it that you will probably like, too. There isn't a whole lot of information on the site about how it works or why, so that's just my guess. Mostly I think you're supposed to play around with it and hopefully discover some music you'll enjoy and that you can play while surfing the Web.

They also offer a premium account if you want better quality sound and no ads.

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st902 said...

I loved this site too ...i just seems that lately it makes listentening to the songs you like increasingly difficult..

First it stopped letting you hear a song you liked more than once... now it wont let you skip over a song that you dont like... you have a set procession of songs ..

shame because i spent hours on this site... Are there any sites similar to this one that play outside the US?