Monday, June 20, 2011

Amazon Appstore for Android

I downloaded the Amazon Appstore to my Android tablet, because they give away a free app every day - apps that otherwise you'd have to pay for.  There are quite a few apps that are incompatible with my tablet or just don't work properly on it, but I've downloaded some I like quite a bit, too.  I downloaded a Sudoku game that I'm really enjoying.  I never played it before, but it's nice on the tablet.  There are different levels and instructions on how to play, which I needed.  I'm still on the really easy ones, but I'm enjoying it.

Yesterday, I visited the Amazon Appstore for Android on my computer, instead of with the tablet, and discovered that I can get the apps right from my browser.  So I can grab them while they're free, even if I don't have the tablet with me, and then download and install them later.  I'm also thinking that maybe I'll be able to get apps that look promising, even if they're not compatible with my tablet, and then maybe be able to use them later, maybe when I upgrade my phone.

Then again, maybe not.  By then, they'll probably be obsolete.

If you're not already using the Amazon Appstore, be sure to check it out.  The free app of the day may be just the one you've been waiting for.  And if not, there's always tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unlimited Storage on Photobucket

Image representing Photobucket (Old) as depict...Image via CrunchBaseI used to use Photobucket for a lot of my blogging images.  It really was a great place to store all my images and be able to use them.  Then one day I logged in and found that I had exceeded my storage space.  Photobucket had never actually let me know how much storage I had in the first place or how much of that I was using, so it was a surprise - a very unpleasant surprise.  I tried deleting some images I didn't need any more, but that didn't seem to free up any space.  It still said I had exceeded my limit.

So, I just stopped using it and hadn't logged in for a while.  Until today, when I got a very pleasant surprise - Photobucket now offers unlimited storage.  For free.  Now I can upload, store, use, share, edit, and who knows what else with all my photos and images.  This makes me happy.  I can start using it again for all my image needs.
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