Monday, February 21, 2011

Packer Stuff, Anyone?

Our Sunday paper offered us the opportunity to order all kinds of Packer stuff – in celebration of their Super Bowl win.  Of course, each item is only offered in limited quantities, so we better order now.
First, they offered a nice-looking ring, which wasn’t too bad.  And then there was a bronze football on a stand.  Not too bad, and how about the coin set handsomely displayed on a wall plaque?  Surely those would be appreciated by any Packers fan. 
Then it got a little strange.  There’s the souvenir chopper, which kind of make sense because Wisconsin is the home of Harley Davidson.  Then there’s the Green Bay Packers train collection which proudly sports Green Bay Packers colors, logos and players in action!  I guess that’s good for the Packers fan who’s also a train buff.
And if none of those catch your eye – there’s the crystal snowman with an illuminated village in his crystal tummy and a moving train around his base!  Seriously, how could anyone resist this guy?  Only $140 plus shipping, but you can pay in 4 installments of $34.99.

When I checked out the site that was offering all these, I found out that there were many more Packer Collectibles available.  The cards in our Sunday paper didn’t begin to show them all.  OK, I think it’s funny, but as crazy as these Packer fans are around here, they’ll probably sell a bunch of these things.