Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make Your Web Pages and Posts Print Friendly

I've been posting text-only versions of my recipes - from my recipe blog - by using Google Docs.  I think I'm going to change that, though because I was looking at another recipe blog and found this - PrintFriendly.

It makes any web page printer friendly.  It cleans and formats web pages, removing ads, navigation, and all that extra junk you really don't want to waste your ink or paper on.  Users can choose to print images with the text, something at least one of my readers would like to have with her printed recipes, or choose not to print them.  They can also choose to remove any text or elements they don't want and only print what they do.  They can print a hard copy or save as a pdf.

Here's how it works:

PrintFriendly is free and easy to use for anyone.  Browsing a web page you want to print?  Simply copy the url and paste it at or add the bookmarklet to your browser for easy access from anywhere.  Bloggers and web designers can add a button to posts or pages, making it easy for visitors to print their content, which is what I'm going to try for my recipes. 

Whether you're looking to print web pages you visit or want to help people print your pages more easily, check out PrintFriendly and see what you think.