Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cutest Little Mouse I've Seen

This mouse is so cute!  One of my friends has one, and he was so excited to show it to me.  It's the ultimate laptop mouse.  He really hates using the touchpad.  I use mine all the time, and the way I sit on the couch with the laptop, I couldn't use a regular mouse because there's nothing next to my computer but air and a drop to the floor.  This mouse would work though because it's so small you can use it right on top of your laptop - right next to the touchpad. 

The USB receiver stores inside the mouse, keeping it all together when you're not using it, and the really cool part?  When the USB is plugged into the computer, the mouse connects to it magnetically and charges the battery!  No more constantly replacing those mouse batteries - this one re-charges in under an hour.

It comes with a convenient travel pouch, and even though I don't need a mouse, I'm tempted to get one - just because it's so little and cute.