Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Popular Coming of Age Celebrations for Girls

In various cultures, people observe the transition from childhood to womanhood with a coming of age celebration. These parties may be time-honored traditions or associated with religion. They can be relatively uncomplicated or elaborate and over-the-top. Here are some of the popular ones and their associated customs.
  • Sweet Sixteen - A sweet sixteen is held in honor of a teenage girl turning sixteen. Prevalent in the Americas, this celebration can be as simple as a gathering at home with family, or as sophisticated as a gala including live music, party décor, makeup and hair, glamorous outfits and catered food. A sweet sixteen is often themed and may include group activities such as dancing and karaoke. Such a party should reflect the likes and interests of the honoree.
  • Sophie Bat Mitzvah-136
  • Bat Mitzvahs - A bat mitzvah is a coming of age ritual associated with Judaism. Although the term refers to the ritual itself, it originally referred to the person, meaning “daughter of commandment.” A girl becomes a bat mitzvah when she turns twelve or thirteen, depending on the specific Jewish tradition. She is now an adult and fully responsible for her actions. Although festivities typically include a meal, a speech by the honoree and a blessing from a rabbi, other events may be included. Consult a bat mitzvah planner to put together a memorable celebration.
  • Quinceañera - Quinceañera This celebration that honors a girl turning fifteen originated in Latin America. Originally referring to the guest of honor, the term “quinceañera” is now used for the teenager and the party. This event is a ball where the birthday girl wears an elegant dress and dances with her father and other family members and friends. Dinner is usually served and rituals are conducted that are specific to the country of origin.

Coming of age celebrations mark the beginning of adulthood. Many traditions exist today with various cultural and/or religious roots. Whether you’re an invited guest or the event sponsor, familiarize yourself with expectations and find ways to merge conventions with the birthday girl’s wishes for a truly unforgettable occasion.