Monday, April 25, 2011

I Don't Want my Links to be NOFOLLOW!

LiveJournal was taken down by DDOS in 2006.Image via WikipediaI'm feeling very frustrated by the idiots people at LiveJournal right now.  Apparently they've been having problems.  So one of the 'fixes' is:
Spam: In an effort to reduce spam on LiveJournal, the text string 'rel=nofollow' will be added to URLs for entries and comments posted from Plus and Basic accounts. This will help reduce visibility in search engines and make spam commenting less attractive to spammers.
I missed this when they announced it, but I wrote a paid blogsvertise post last week, and it got rejected because my links were nofollow.  Well, I knew I didn't post nofollow links, but I checked the code anyway, and the links looked fine.  So, I re-submitted - and had it rejected again.  They said to check my blog settings, which I did, along with the code again, and I couldn't find anything that would have made my links nofollow.  But then I checked this NoFollow Link Checker, and sure enough, those links came up as nofollow.  What in the world?

That's when I went searching and found the above announcement.  And now I'm just frustrated with the whole thing. I'm thinking it may be time to abandon LiveJournal for once and for all...
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