Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Add Photos from Your Phone

Lately I've noticed that Blogger gives the option to add a photo from your phone, so I thought I'd test it to see how it works.

Well, never mind.  It's part of the Google+ for Android app - which I would get, but my phone is stupid and doesn't have room for any more apps.  In fact, it tells me every day that I'm low on space, and the apps that I do have need updated - but there's not enough space to update them.  I am seriously going to need to get a new phone soon!  I don't even have very many apps.  The phone just barely has enough internal space for the apps that came on it - the ones I can't delete or move to the SD card.  It's frustrating.

If I could actually add the app, not only would it be handy to be able to use my phone pics for blogging, but all my pics would automatically be added to Google+ (in a private folder) - so I'd never lose any pictures - no matter what, which would be great.
Who has Google+ for Android?  Are you liking it?