Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Men Like

I was just noticing the other day that my new favorite addiction, Pinterest, is mostly for the ladies.  Sure, there are guys on there, but the overwhelming majority of my followers and the ones I'm following are ladies.  Not surprising, really, because it seems like Pinterest is full of things like recipes, craft ideas, home decorating ideas, fashion and style choices, ideas for raising children, and so many more 'girly' things.  No wonder the men are hiding!  (it would be interesting if there was a way to find out the male/female ratio of Pinterest members, but I haven't figured out how to do it)

I'm not the only one who noticed that Pinterest isn't exactly man-friendly.  I heard on the news this morning that there's a new site just for the guys - MANteresting!  A quick glance at the site shows it's definitely full of manly likes - meat, fire, cars, tools, electronics, motorcycles, eye candy.  Manteresting calls itself:
A site where you:
  1. Get inspired by awesome content
  2. Share manly things with the community
  3. View what other members are posting
What do you think?  Is it important for the guys to have their own site for saving and sharing the things they find 'manteresting'?  Sure the men could post things to Pinterest, and we'd have a nice mix of the girly and the manly stuff - and we always have a choice about which people and/or boards we follow, so they wouldn't have to see the girly stuff unless they wanted to and the ladies could see and follow only the manly things they're interested in.  Then again, Pinterest seems like the fancy living room or the kitchen, and the big burly manly men aren't going to feel comfortable there - not when they have the Man Cave of MANteresting  to join.

Like Pinterest, MANteresting is free to join - and there are no invites to wait for.
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