Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Eat that Chinese Takeout

Who knew this? I saw this on Anderson Cooper this morning, and I couldn't believe nobody ever knew this.  Or why there aren't instruction printed on the Chinese takeout boxes.  (Yeah, the Chinese restaurant owners have probably been laughing all along.)

Of course, if you're sharing Chinese takeout with a group, you'll still need some plates...

I'm actually thinking that it would work fine if you just opened up the one side - turn the open side toward you and eat from that side, and the unopened back will keep everything nicely inside.

Also, what if you don't eat it all?  They tried it on Anderson Cooper, just folded the box back up again, and it went right back together, so any leftovers will be just fine.

Who else is ready to get some Chinese takeout so you can try this?
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