Monday, March 4, 2013

Tree People

Tree climbing - Grimpe d'arbre
Tree climbing - Grimpe d'arbre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This post brought to you by SherrillTree

One of these days I am going to try a zipline and/or a ropes course somewhere among the trees.  They just look like so much fun.  I just need to be in a place that offers something like that with some people who will go with me.  One of these days...

Ever wonder where places like that get their ropes and tree-climbing supplies?  I'm betting a lot of them come from SherrillTree.

Founded and still operating in Greensboro, North Carolina, SherrillTree has been providing tree enthusiasts with good quality gear at reasonable prices since 1960.  Their primary purpose is providing arboricultural products to tree care professionals, but they also offer products for tree-climbing enthusiasts like those ropes and ziplines, as well as safety equipment like these chainsaw chaps

Basically, SherrillTree provides tree gear to tree people. And one of these days, I'd like to be one of those tree people.  Who's with me?
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