Sunday, October 6, 2019

What You Should Know About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is essentially the trading and coercion of human beings in order to exploit them, often for sex or labor. Common names for types of human trafficking include modern slavery, sex trafficking or child trafficking. However it occurs, trafficking is a severe human rights violation. It’s often misunderstood, so here are some things you should know.
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  • Some are More Vulnerable Than Others - Human trafficking can happen to anyone, but groups most vulnerable include women; children, especially those with unstable home environments; the poor or homeless; those with a disability or mental disorder; victims of abuse and anyone who is otherwise part of a demographic that is vulnerable or often left behind in society. These people may be more trusting or more likely to take their chance with a trafficker who offers them protection. Traffickers target them because they know they are easier to manipulate.
  • The Effects are Debilitating - For victims, the dangers of human trafficking are grave. A hallmark of trafficking is the use or threat of violence and abuse, either physically or mentally. Physically, this could mean the denial of food, water or hygienic necessities or physical torture and beatings, leaving victims malnourished or with injuries that require treatment. Mentally, the trauma of the experience can leave victims with lasting disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD that likewise require treatment.
  • It Happens Everywhere - One of the biggest misconceptions about human trafficking is that it only happens in other countries; this is false. Countries with unstable governments are more susceptible, but that doesn’t mean it only happens there. Any place that has inequality and vulnerable communities like those mentioned above can, unfortunately, find itself touched by the disease of human trafficking. Most people don’t hear about it because traffickers work hard to keep their victims hidden and obedient.

As the reality of human trafficking continues to be brought to light, it’s best to be informed. If you ever suspect human trafficking, you should contact your local authorities or the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How to Wash a Cat

One of my friends just posted this on Facebook, and it made me laugh so hard. Enjoy:

You laughed, didn't you? The cat isn't too impressed, though.


Popular Coming of Age Celebrations for Girls

In various cultures, people observe the transition from childhood to womanhood with a coming of age celebration. These parties may be time-honored traditions or associated with religion. They can be relatively uncomplicated or elaborate and over-the-top. Here are some of the popular ones and their associated customs.
  • Sweet Sixteen - A sweet sixteen is held in honor of a teenage girl turning sixteen. Prevalent in the Americas, this celebration can be as simple as a gathering at home with family, or as sophisticated as a gala including live music, party décor, makeup and hair, glamorous outfits and catered food. A sweet sixteen is often themed and may include group activities such as dancing and karaoke. Such a party should reflect the likes and interests of the honoree.
  • Sophie Bat Mitzvah-136
  • Bat Mitzvahs - A bat mitzvah is a coming of age ritual associated with Judaism. Although the term refers to the ritual itself, it originally referred to the person, meaning “daughter of commandment.” A girl becomes a bat mitzvah when she turns twelve or thirteen, depending on the specific Jewish tradition. She is now an adult and fully responsible for her actions. Although festivities typically include a meal, a speech by the honoree and a blessing from a rabbi, other events may be included. Consult a bat mitzvah planner to put together a memorable celebration.
  • Quinceañera - Quinceañera This celebration that honors a girl turning fifteen originated in Latin America. Originally referring to the guest of honor, the term “quinceañera” is now used for the teenager and the party. This event is a ball where the birthday girl wears an elegant dress and dances with her father and other family members and friends. Dinner is usually served and rituals are conducted that are specific to the country of origin.

Coming of age celebrations mark the beginning of adulthood. Many traditions exist today with various cultural and/or religious roots. Whether you’re an invited guest or the event sponsor, familiarize yourself with expectations and find ways to merge conventions with the birthday girl’s wishes for a truly unforgettable occasion.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Nurture Your Child's Creativity

createAs mothers, we love our children and want to give them everything that is good for them. One of the best ways to show your love is through quality time and intentional care. Helping to nurture and develop your child's creativity is a great way to give them the world. With a creative imagination, the sky truly is the limit.

If you'd like to find ways to create space for your child's ability to create and imagine, consider these three ideas.
  1. Create a workspace/playroom. Whether you live in a large mansion or a small condo or apartment, you can make this happen. Designate a space where your child can play and get work done. Set up stations that show the different colors, numbers, and words your child needs to learn. Install a few hanging shelves to store your child's favorite books. It's important to make sure that this space is in a different room from their sleeping area. When they're able to detach themselves from work and play to fall asleep in a separate room, this helps their minds understand the difference. Plus, studies suggest that this method can help them fall asleep faster when they're able to unwind in a room that they know is designated for rest.
  2. Dolcissimo - Flute Sheet Music
  3. Pay attention to their interests. If your child tends to talk a lot about trucks, it might be nice to find a few books in the library that are all about trucks. If your child loves to dance and listen to music, get creative with the artwork in their room. Purchase some sheet music from a sheet music store boston and frame a few pieces to spark more conversations around music. And be willing to turn up the music and dance with your child!
  4. Increase exposure to new things. Work on exposing your child to new experiences to boost their creativity. Plan trips to different states and countries. Instead of staying inside all weekend, take trips to the kids' museums, pumpkin patches, and children's theaters. Take them out to enjoy different cuisines from various cultures. Teach them how to make foods from other cultures. Make dishes like sushi, empanadas, and ravioli from scratch. As your child gets to enjoy different experiences, they'll be able to think with a broader worldview and increase their creativity.

Friday, September 7, 2018

FREE Music from Garth

IMG_8104I don't know about you, but I've always loved Garth Brooks. That's why I was particularly upset that he came here to Indianapolis last fall - when we were out of town. Talk about bad timing!

So, it's not exactly the same, but listening to this album - 26 tracks of LIVE music - is as close as I'm getting to that Garth Brooks concert I missed. Even better? You can grab it for FREE right now.

That's right - FREE music from Garth Brooks!

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