Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who Wants to Pig Out with Me?

Piggy bank from German bank HASPA, around 1970.Image via Wikipedia

A while back I mentioned that we were using Bing Cashback, and getting money back every time we did any online shopping.  It was great.  We got back over $100.  But then they went and discontinued the program.

I hadn't yet figured out what to do next when I saw a commercial for The Pig tonight, so I checked it out. It looks like the same idea - click through from the site whenever you do any online shopping and get cash back.  The percentage varies by store. Unlike bing, it looks like you can use coupon codes in addition to getting your cash back - meaning you can save even more.

Sign up is free and easy - just enter your email address and choose a password, and you're ready to go! Start filling that Piggy Bank and getting back some of the money you spend online. Also, if you use my referral link to sign up and make $25 in qualifying purchases in the first 30 days, we'll both get an additional $5 added to our Piggy Banks.  There's no limit to the number of friends you can refer and no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn.  

If you're going to be shopping online anyway, why not get some of that money back?

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Get PagePlus Essentials Free from Amazon is offering PagePlus Essentials as a free software download.

Product description from Amazon:
PagePlus Essentials makes it a breeze to design and print stunning projects like cards, posters, newsletters and more with its amazing combination of powerful and easy-to-use desktop publishing features. It’s so easy to go from a blank page to a fantastic design just by dragging and dropping whatever you want onto your page – it’s that simple! On-screen ‘How To’ guides can walk you through tasks step-by-step, while the handy Learning Zone contains videos and tutorials as well as access to the community forums and the extensive knowledge base – help is never far away. The professionally-designed, customizable templates in PagePlus Essentials are a great way to produce amazing documents in no time at all – just add your own pictures and words for a polished document in minutes. You also get fabulous effects and instant styles to make your words and logos stand out from the page. Impressive text handling is at the very heart of PagePlus Essentials. You will recognize all the usual writing and formatting controls from a word-processor plus fast-flowing text wraps, customizable paragraph and character styles and the freedom to write text and place objects exactly where you want. It really does have everything you need to create impressive documents. A built-in PhotoLab offers over 70 adjustments, corrections, filters and effects to turn your images into works of art. With the dedicated Image Cutout Studio you can remove photo backgrounds quickly – you don’t even need a steady hand. PagePlus Essentials also supports more than 25 popular image file types so it’s a safe bet that you will be able to use any picture you can get your hands on. After you have finished designing, you can share your projects with friends and family quickly and easily by publishing documents as PDFs that can be viewed and printed on other computers. This powerful and flexible program is indispensable to anyone who creates or designs documents on a computer.

If you need publishing and design software, give it a try. You can't beat the price!