Monday, October 31, 2011

FX Sneak Peek: Untitled Jersey City Project

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I've been watching some of the Untitled Jersey City Project videos on YouTube.  There are eight short episodes, and they're all fragments of a larger story.  What I find is that I have no real idea about what is going on, but I still want to watch.  Is that crazy?  I want to figure out what's going on!   The site says this much is clear from the first eight episodes:

The story is set amidst the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront, just across the river from Manhattan. A shining new city is being built on the edge of this gritty town. But while the glass office towers and condos are sleek and new, the rules of the game haven't changed one bit.
Everyone here has something to gain – money, fame, power. Or they can lose big. Or they could end up dead.

I'm not sure I got all that, but that's probably because I haven't watched all of the episodes, and the ones I did watch were out of order.  The whole thing is an experiment in the development of an entertainment concept,  a work-in-progress television drama - so I guess that's the whole point.  They want to see what people think, see if they watch and if they want more, before going ahead with a full-fledged show.  Or maybe they've already decided there will be a show, and this is a good way to drum up interest and make any changes or tweaks that might be needed.  I can't really tell, but if and when the show goes on television, it will be on FX.  Viewers can even submit a title for the show and then vote to choose the best one (later when they've chosen the top 5).

There's a lot more information about the characters and the basic storyline on the Untitled Jersey City Project site.  Check out the Sneak Peek video and see what you think.  Does this look like a show you'd watch?  What would you call it?

I'm going to go watch the episodes in order and see if I can get up to speed...

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun with Google Gravity

Just found this on Crazy Working Mom.

Try this - it'll be fun!
  1. Go to Google, and type 'Google Gravity'
  2. Click on the 1st result that appears (i.e. Google Gravity)
  3. Wait 2 seconds.  Something cool will happen!
  4. Play with it for a while
  5. Then type any word in the Google search bar and press Enter
  6. Wait and see.  Something even cooler will happen. Awesome!

    If you liked it, copy and share with all your friends. (by
I thought it was fun - go give it a try!

Love this Version!

Image representing YouVersion as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseAbout a year ago, one of my friends mentioned on Facebook that she had started an online Bible reading plan together with a couple other friends.  Being nosy, or always looking for a good site for Bible reading, I asked her what site they were using.  That's how I found YouVersion, and I really love it.  They have many, many, many different Bible versions for reading, and it's so handy when I'm online and want to look up a scripture.  You can even use the Parallel option to compare two versions at once.

There are lots of reading plans to choose from - over 150.  Choose a plan, and YouVersion sets it up for you and gives you the daily readings - and keeps track of your progress.  I just started a Chronological plan to read through the entire Bible in chronological order, and my plan is 1.4% complete!  I hope I won't need to do it too often, but YouVersion also has an option to 'Catch Me Up!' so if you get behind (or read ahead) it will reset the calendar to make you current.  This is good for me because I tend to get discouraged when I get behind a few days and despair of ever catching up - so this way I can just catch up and continue with the plan.  I think it sets people up for success.

YouVersion is also available as a Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone, and practically everything else - meaning you can take your Bible reading with you everywhere you go!  I love it.  I've got it on my tablet, and it makes the daily Bible reading so nice, and it keeps track of my progress as I go.  I also love that the app makes it super easy to share verses to Facebook!  and take notes, and highlight meaningful verses.  All the Bible versions that are available on the web are available in the app if you're connected to the Internet or your service provider, and many of them are available for download, meaning you can read the ones you download literally anytime, anyplace, even when you can’t connect to your service provider or to the Internet.  This Sunday and Monday, two versions that aren't usually available for download will be - the NIV and NLT.  They will only be available from 12am Central time on Sunday October 30 through 11:59pm on Monday October 31.  The NLT is one of my favorite versions, so I'm planning to download that one.  Usually I'm using my tablet here or somewhere that I'm connected to WiFi, but you never know, and I like knowing I will always have it available.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying everything YouVersion has to offer, and I'm sure there are even more features that I haven't discovered yet.  And did I mention that it's all FREE!
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Monday, October 24, 2011

My Predictions - Dancing with the Stars

They probably won't go home in this order because, let's face it, Chaz Bono should have gone home ages ago - maybe not first because the guy with the strange name (something about world peace) was just as bad if not worse. Watching Chaz try to dance all these weeks, it's hard to believe anyone could by worse, but...

Just for the fun of it, here's my list - DWTS couples in the order they should go home:
Next to go home - Chaz Bono & Lacey Schwimmer

Chaz cannot dance and has absolutely NO potential. Go home already!

and then - Hope Solo & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

I love Hope, but she just doesn't have what it takes to be a dancer,
or if she does, she's kept it inside too long.

David Arquette & Kym Johnson

David tries really hard, but he's just kinda awkward,
and funny will only get you so far on a show like this.
Nancy Grace & Tristan MacManus

Nancy has done a lot better than I expected, but I just don't think she has
what it takes to make it to the end, especially with the remaining competition.
The final three should be:
Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke 
Ricki Lake & Derek Hough
J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff
My husband loves Cheryl, and she has a special talent for bringing out the best in her partners.  Rob has come a long way, but he's still kind of awkward - what did they say?  On the edge of becoming a man, but still kind of a boy.  It will come down to Ricki and J.R. - and I'm voting for J.R.  Ricki has been doing really well, and she works so hard.  Derek is another one who has a real talent for pulling the best out of his partners, and he's an amazing choreographer, too.  So it's going to be close, but I think J.R. just has that special something that will nab him the Mirror Ball Trophy.  He has a natural grace and elegance, and you can just tell he's having a good time when he's out there dancing.  There's a joy that comes shining through.

Am I right?  If you watch Dancing with the Stars, who do you think will go home next?  Do you think J.R. will win?  Be sure to check back later to see how close I got to how it really happens.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cutest Little Mouse I've Seen

This mouse is so cute!  One of my friends has one, and he was so excited to show it to me.  It's the ultimate laptop mouse.  He really hates using the touchpad.  I use mine all the time, and the way I sit on the couch with the laptop, I couldn't use a regular mouse because there's nothing next to my computer but air and a drop to the floor.  This mouse would work though because it's so small you can use it right on top of your laptop - right next to the touchpad. 

The USB receiver stores inside the mouse, keeping it all together when you're not using it, and the really cool part?  When the USB is plugged into the computer, the mouse connects to it magnetically and charges the battery!  No more constantly replacing those mouse batteries - this one re-charges in under an hour.

It comes with a convenient travel pouch, and even though I don't need a mouse, I'm tempted to get one - just because it's so little and cute.