Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anticrepuscular Rays

Driving home on Sunday, I saw rays like this - but I didn't know what they were, and I didn't get a picture.  What was I thinking?

Anticrepuscular Rays Over Colorado
Credit & Copyright: John Britton
Explanation: What's happening over the horizon? Although the scene may appear somehow supernatural, nothing more unusual is occurring than a setting Sun and some well placed clouds. Pictured above are anticrepuscular rays. To understand them, start by picturing common crepuscular rays that are seen any time that sunlight pours though scattered clouds. Now although sunlight indeed travels along straight lines, the projections of these lines onto the spherical sky are great circles. Therefore, the crepuscular rays from a setting (or rising) sun will appear to re-converge on the other side of the sky. At the anti-solar point 180 degrees around from the Sun, they are referred to as anticrepuscular rays. Pictured above is a particularly striking set of anticrepuscular rays photographed in 2001 from a moving car just outside of Boulder, Colorado, USA.

-from Astronomy Picture of the Day

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Free Screen Capture Tool

This looks like a handy tool to have. It lets you capture screenshots or screencasts, determine where and how to save them - even send straight to email or your printer.  You can capture your entire screen, selected window, or a selected area.  Capture not just a screencast of what you see, but capture the audio too.  Works with the PrntScrn key on your keyboard.

Get Free Screen Capturer.  Totally free - no spam, no ads, no strings attached.

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