Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sooner or Later

Love me some Matt Kearney and some PS22 Chorus!

This makes me smile.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Play This

I really enjoy Spotify.  It lets me listen to all kinds of music, see what my friends are listening to, and share what I'm listening to. For instance, I really like this CD:

I just had to try this, because I didn't realize until today that I could add music from Spotify to my blog or a web page.  I knew it was shareable through Facebook, but...  I just had to see how this works.  Do you have to have Spotify installed to play the music?  Let me know, OK?

I am still using the free version of Spotify.  Most of the time I use it to listen to albums I'm thinking of buying from Amazon.  It's so much nicer to be able to listen to the whole songs instead of the little snippets available on the Amazon website.  The ads on Spotify don't bother me much, and if I really want something available for offline use, I buy it from Amazon.  Sometimes I might spend $9.99 on music in a month (the cost of Spotify Premium), but I definitely don't do it every month, and I don't really want to.  I just don't see that I'd use it enough or get enough out of it to justify the paid service.  I know other people listen to music a lot more than I do, and $10/month isn't really that much for unlimited (legal) music.

How about you?  Are you using Spotify?  Free or paid?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Be Fit - Free Workouts on YouTube

I am really enjoying these work-out videos on YouTube.  I've been doing several of the videos from the BeFit in 90 workout system.  I walk 2 miles every day, so I'm just using them as additional exercise and toning - picking different muscle groups to concentrate on each day - not following the whole 90-day system.

I do this one quite often:

and I did this one today:

I think I need to do this one more often, because I was having a hard time jumping by the end there! 

If you're looking for a good workout challenge, be sure to check out the 90-day Workout System from BeFit in 90.  It's available exclusively on YouTube for FREE and includes strength, cardio, flexibility, yoga and high intensity drills.  There are playlists for each day, and all you have to do is start with the playlist for Day 1 and continue through the workout playlists for 90 days.  And then?  Then you'll probably be addicted to exercise, and you'll keep doing it!

Besides the BeFit in 90 system, Lionsgate BeFit has many other exercise videos available - again, for FREE on YouTube.  There are some Dirty Dancing workouts and some Dancing with the Stars workouts that really look like fun.  I think I'll try some of those next.