Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free Online Learning

Would you like to learn to build a web page? Would you like to learn to take better digital pictures? How about convert your video tapes to DVD, or record your favorite TV programs onto DVR? Check out the free online courses at Sony 101. When you find a course that interests you, all you have to do is sign up. When the course starts, and when each lesson posts, you will get a reminder email letting you know it is available on the site. Each course lasts approximately a month, and you can complete the lessons at your own pace. Usually there's a lesson to read through, then an assignment to complete, and a quiz to take, to be sure you understand what you've learned. You can always go back and re-take the quiz if you don't like your score. The point is to learn the material. You can also join in on the message boards to interact with the other students and ask the instructor questions.

I've taken several courses this way, and I always come away feeling that I learned a lot. My mom has taken a few classes, too, and she's the one who reminded me of the site. She's signed up to take the Intermediate Photoshop course. I probably should sign up, too - or she'll know more about Photoshop than I do. I've only taken the beginning Photoshop course.