Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If I had to choose my favorite Firefox extension, I would probably choose Foxmarks. If you use more than one computer, or if you just want a backup of your bookmarks, you'll probably love Foxmarks, too.

Once you install the add-on and register for a foxmarks account, it will automatically sync and backup your bookmarks. Install Foxmarks on every computer you want to use and register them with the same account. From then on, every time you add a new bookmark, Foxmarks adds it to your online bookmarks. It doesn't matter which computer you are using. The next time you open Firefox on your other computer, Foxmarks will automatically sync your bookmarks, and the new ones will be available on that computer, too.

I usually use my laptop, but sometimes I need to do things on the basement computer. It's nice to have my bookmarks available wherever I am. Foxmarks was also a lifesaver when I recently had to reinstall Windows and all my programs. When I reinstalled Firefox, the first thing I did was install Foxmarks, sign in with my foxmarks account, and get all my bookmarks back.

With Foxmarks you can also access all of your bookmarks online, so even if you're using someone else's computer or surfing the web at the library, your bookmarks are all available.

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