Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Blog Designs from Shabby Blogs

I came across another site for free Blogger templates tonight. It's called Shabby Blogs, and there are plenty of blog backgrounds and accessories to choose from. All of them are 100% free, and it looks like a lot of them are customizable, such as being able to add your own photos to the headers.

I haven't had time to browse through all of them, but there are some really cute backgrounds here, with headers and extras to complement them and help you put together your own custom blog. Did I mention it's free? Yes, yes I did! Free, cute blog backgrounds - and once again I'm tempted to change my blog design.


Anonymous said...

Great idea.I am impressed,what colours and beautiful.Definitely, you have a talent.
Katie Mercado

Stupid Tax said...

You have some very nice designs. Where else can I get them?

Katie Kieffer said...

Thanks for sharing it.