Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unlimited Storage on Photobucket

Image representing Photobucket (Old) as depict...Image via CrunchBaseI used to use Photobucket for a lot of my blogging images.  It really was a great place to store all my images and be able to use them.  Then one day I logged in and found that I had exceeded my storage space.  Photobucket had never actually let me know how much storage I had in the first place or how much of that I was using, so it was a surprise - a very unpleasant surprise.  I tried deleting some images I didn't need any more, but that didn't seem to free up any space.  It still said I had exceeded my limit.

So, I just stopped using it and hadn't logged in for a while.  Until today, when I got a very pleasant surprise - Photobucket now offers unlimited storage.  For free.  Now I can upload, store, use, share, edit, and who knows what else with all my photos and images.  This makes me happy.  I can start using it again for all my image needs.
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