Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Save Your Tabblos Today

I haven't really used it in a while, but tabblo was a lot of fun.  It was a great site that allowed users to upload photos and arrange them into artful and interesting pages.  There is quite a community of users, and people have put together some amazing things!

Thankfully one of my tabblo contacts shared her final tabblo yesterday, and when I visited I found the following notice:


Dear Tabblo Users,
We regret to inform you the Tabblo service and website will not be available after May 30, 2012. Please visit to explore other HP products and services.
Thank you.
That's today!

So I've been busy saving all my tabblos.  I may not have used the site in a while, but I've got several that I'd hate to lose - whether I ever do anything with them or not.  If you've got some you'd like to save - even if you haven't been there or done anything with them in a while, do it today.

The process is simple - view your tabblos, and next to the thumbnails of each tabblo you'll see several options.  Select 'print' - this opens the tabblo as a PDF in Adobe Reader.  It will also open your printer dialog, but just hit cancel, unless you want an actual printed copy.  Look over the PDF to be sure all your photos loaded - what you see is what you'll have, so if they don't load the first time, close your PDF and try again.  I had to load a few of mine 2 or 3 times.  Once you get the whole thing, choose 'Save a Copy' from the file menu in Adobe Reader and choose where to save it.   Repeat for each tabblo you want to save.

My way only saves a PDF version.  I just found this Tabblo Lifeboat Downloader which sounds like it saves them in the same format as they appear on the site, which might be nice.  Maybe I'll do that too....

Whatever you do - save them today if you're going to do it, because they won't be available tomorrow.