Friday, November 30, 2007

Free Online Storage

My son has been having issues with his computer today. Every time he opens an Internet browser, it shuts down. He has restarted his computer several times and attempted to do a system restore. Restarting doesn't help, and for some reason, every time he tries to restore his system, it tells him that it can't be done. Every time one of our computers starts acting up, I start wondering when the last time was that I backed up my files. We've had a couple hard drive failures, and we've lost some stuff in the past. You'd think I'd learn, but I haven't been backing my files up on a regular basis.

I do have all my pictures on CD and DVD, but the rest of my files are just on my computer. I really need to change that. Recently I signed up for an account with MediaMax. So far this is the best online storage I have found. My free account gives me 25GB of storage. I can upload and store my files, share the ones I want to share, host pictures or videos I want to use on other websites or my blogs, and access all my files from any computer.

Tonight I got busy and downloaded the MediaMax XL software and started uploading my files. Once I get them uploaded, I can use this software to schedule automatic backups of the files and folders I choose.

If 25GB isn't enough storage space, they have upgrade plans of 100GB, 250GB, and 1000GB available for a monthly or yearly fee.