Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movie Lists

If you like movies, you've probably heard of IMDb - the Internet Movie Database. If you want to know anything about a movie, an actor, or a director, IMDb has the answers. They also have user ratings for each movie, photos, movie quotes, recommendations of similar movies, and much more. I think my favorite part is being able to add movies to 'My Movies' and keep a list of all the movies we own.

I started keeping a list of our movies in an Excel spreadsheet. I was using IMDb to get movie information to paste into my spreadsheet, because sometimes just reading a movie title isn't enough. I can't remember what that movie was about or who was in it. Then I realized I could save myself time by just creating my movie list on IMDb. As we buy movies, I add them to the list. Now, whenever we are thinking about buying or recording a movie, I can check the list first to see whether we already have it or not. That's important considering we have 348 movies on DVD. Who can remember them all? And, since the list is stored online, I can access it from any computer with an Internet connection.

A free personal account with IMDb allows you to add 10,000 movies to your lists in all categories - use theirs (Must See, To Buy, DVD and VHS) or create your own. I'm currently at 6% of my limit, so I have a ways to go before I max this out.