Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have You Seen These Rugs?

When my husband and son got our deck and pergola built, we happened to see some bamboo shades in a home improvement store.  We bought one and hung it from the pergola to block the late afternoon sun, and then went back for another one.  We love them.  They look nice, and they're easy to drop when we want to be out on the deck but the sun is too strong.  What I never realized until recently is that you can get Bamboo rugs too.  I'd heard of bamboo flooring, which I really want to use if we ever get around to putting hardwood floors in the house, but not rugs.  I really like the idea of using bamboo because it replenishes itself a lot faster than trees you get most wood from.

I really love the look of these rugs, both the mats and the shag rugs.  Who knew you could get shag rugs made from bamboo?  Apparently you can sheets made from bamboo, too.  Did anybody know that?  Have you tried them?  Now I'm really wanting to find some so I can try them out.

While I was looking at the bamboo rugs, I had to check out the Seagrass rugs too.  I think I like these even better.  They're supposed to be really durable, and they don't gather dust, and I just like the way they look.  I think they'd be nice right inside my doors, to walk onto when we come in from outside.  I'm not planning to buy rugs for a while, but I'm going to keep something like this in mind for next time I'm looking for some.