Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who's Looking for Me?

I've been getting more visitors than I'm used to lately.  I'm pretty sure it's because I jumped on the bandwagon and posted something about Charlie Sheen.  In a timely manner, while everyone else is either talking about him or interested in him.  People are searching for 'Charlie Sheen sound' and 'Charlie Sheen soundbites' and they're finding this blog.  I love my Feedjit Real-Time view for stuff like that! It shows me where people come from, what browsers they're using, how they got here, and even the search terms they used.  Click 'Real-time view' on the feedjit widget at the bottom of this blog, and you can see too.

You can see whether people are looking for Medical lab coats or cute blog backgrounds, and this probably isn't important to you, but clicking on the search term usually takes you to the search results page.  It's kind of fun to see which page my blog shows up on, especially when it's Page 1 of a Google search!  Or bing or Yahoo.

So, should I just keep an eye out for trending topics in the hopes that my blog will rise in the search rankings?  Or should I continue to blog about whatever catches my eye, whether anyone else cares or not?  I'm thinking maybe a balance between the two - more trendy stuff, which means actually making myself blog about the things I'm hearing about and thinking about in a timely manner, instead of letting the opportunity pass me by, which is what I usually do.  And, still blogging about whatever catches my eye, whether I want to talk about a cute and comfy Medical Scrub top or those cute blog backgrounds - which, by the way people do seem to care about.  I get a lot of people searching for those.  I like to think I've helped a few find what they were looking for.

How do you decide what to blog about?