Friday, February 10, 2012

See It, Save It, with Clipix

I spend a lot of time online, and I'm always finding interesting stuff.  The main reason I started this blog is to keep track of and share all the cool stuff I find.  Unfortunately, that hasn't happened quite the way I imagined.  Oh, I still find plenty of interesting things, but I don't always get around to actually sharing those things, and lots of times I find interesting things one day, but I forget to save them or mention them - and then I either forget or can't find them again.  Anybody else have that problem?
Well, I just found this new site called clipix, and I think it's going to be a big help.  Basically, clipix makes it really simple to save anything you see so you can find it and go back to it later.  Start by signing up for a free account - I used my facebook account, so it was just a matter of connecting and authorizing the app.  Then add the Clip button to your Bookmarks bar, and you're good to go.  Start clipping all the fabulous content you find every day.  They start you off with some basic boards - Books I'd Like to Read, Vacation Ideas, Gifts for the Family, Interesting Articles - just to get you started.  You can rename those if you want and create your own as you find things to save.  You can have as many clipboards as you like and organize them any way you like.I know I'm going to be using that Interesting Articles board a lot!  I'm always finding things I want to read but just don't have time to read right then.  I've added a few already, but I'm sure there will be many more added:
Interesting Articles
I like that clipix lets you choose from the images on whatever page you're saving, so it's a bit easier to remember why you clipped it in the first place, but if there are no images, simply type your own words in and give the clip a relevant title.  The web page and title are added automatically to the description, so you don't even have to type that in.  Of course, you can change it or add to it as you want.
Clipix also makes it really easy to share all the fun stuff you're finding - send an email, share on facebook or twitter.  Or, if you want to keep something to yourself, you can keep all your clipboards (or just some of them) completely private.  Working on a project with someone else?  You can set up what they call a Syncboard and everybody can add to it together and see everyone else's updates in real time.
I can see how this can be really handy and really addictive.  I wonder who's going to clip and organize the whole Internet first!  OK, maybe not, but at least we can all clip and keep track of the stuff we're interested in.  Visit clipix, sign up for your free account and start clipping!  And let me know how you're going to use clipix.  I think the possibilities are endless.
Just in case I've forgotten something important, check out this video explaining it all:

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